pumpkin washer pumpkin washing line


Due to switching to other crops, we were able to buy back an almost new washing and drying line from a customer.

The pumpkin washing line has only been running for a few weeks and therefore there are hardly any signs of use.
Capacity depends on the soil type. 
With a product of sandy soil, the washing capacity is 6 tons per hour.
For pumpkins grown on clay that have been harvested wet, approx. 3000 kg. per hour possible. The line works as follows: The product in the box is lowered into the water basin.
The pumpkins then float out of the box, allowing them to soak.
The pumping action of the water pump drives the pumpkins to the outlet.
The water is drained through the bar grate, after which the pumpkins on the brushes are thoroughly washed and polished. The sponge rollers then ensure a dry product. The drying hood with 2 fans provides extra capacity. Melons and apples can also be washed with this line. Ready for immediate use! Contact us for more information.
pumpkin washer pumpkin washing line

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