MCR Machinery and Undine

The Undine® concept is simple, the effect is huge. Water and air are mixed under pressure in the Undine mixing chamber. Result :An excellent cleaning method with extremely low water consumption. Undine® not only improves hygiene. Savings up to 50% on your water- and energy consumption and significally lower labour costs are benefits as well. MCR has integrated Undine® in its vegetable and fruit washing lines.


Sweet potatoes, potatoes, fruit and vegetables are cleaned via a mixture of tiny water droplets.

The cleaning process:

1. Water and air are mixed.
2. Droplets are thereby reduced to 5 microns.
3. Droplets acquire a speed of at least 200 km/h in the process.
4. Droplets penetrate into the pores of potatoes, fruit and vegetables.
5. Dirt is flushed out of the pores. ( bacteria, viruses, mould spores, organic material ).
6. The result. A truly clean product.

Your advantages:
- Longer shelf life. E.g. washed sweet potatoes at least 2 weeks longer compared to conventional systems.

- Water savings up to 50%.