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MCR Waterrecycling

The water recycling system is an efficient and sustainable solution for water reuse.

MCR Roller Washing table

The MCR roller washing table is the ideal solution to thoroughly clean your products. The machine is equipped with Undine cleaning.

MCR belt washer

The MCR belt washer is ideal for washing small and medium volumes of fruit and vegetables.

shaker conveyor

MCR builds various vibratory conveyors for various applications such as conveying product. MCR also supplies vibrators for use as a distribution vibrator, spreading vibrator, dosing vibrator, dewatering vibrator and for use as a length grader.

MCR infeed bunker hopper evenflow

MCR hopper for an evenflow to your sorting machine or packing equipment.

MCR roller inspection table

MCR roller inspection table for easy inspection of vegetables like potatoes, pumpkins, red beets, onions, bell peppers etc. before packing or sorting.

Lazy susan turning table

MCR buffer table for buffering various products like fruits and vegetables after sorting and packing.

MCR wet hopper

The wet hopper or pre-soak unit is suitable for floating and sinking products.

Bell pepper

Wash your (organic) bell peppers with the patented Undine washing system of MCR Machinery - removes debris of lice and extends shelf life.

Pumpkin washer MCR Machinery

Compact pumpkin washer. A time-saving solution for smaller growers, farm shops or growers which grow vulnerable varieties. Also useful for sweet potatoes.

Washing solution for sweet potatoes, fruit and vegetables

Cleaning of sweet potatoes, potatoes, vegetables and even fruit, without any damage of the product with the patented Undine washing system.

Complete MCR processing lines

MCR Machinery devolops and produces turn key lines for washing and cutting of vegetables, fruit and potatoes. Contact us for more information.

Pumpkin washing lines

Cleaning pumkins regardless of their shape or size, without any damage of the product. This is possible with the patented Undine washing system. Shelf life is enhanced as well.

MCR pumpkin sorting machine

MCR pumpkin sorter for accurate and fast weighing and sorting of your pumpkins and cabbage

MCR vegetable cutting belt

With the vegetable cutting belt of MCR Machinery you can be of more use for your customer than only for washing and sorting vegetables

MCR Drumwasher

De MCR drumwasher of MCR Machinery is designed for effective cleaning of potatoes, carrots, parsnip, chichory and beetroot

MCR conveyor belt inclined conveyor belt

Choose conveyor belts from MCR Machinery. Many versions and sizes. Standard flat belt, divider belt, singling belt, elevator belt. Also metal detection.

MCR box tipper

MCR box tipper for easy and accurate dosing and infeed of your product to a cutting line, packing line or sorting machine.

MCR brushwasher rollerwasher

Clean your vegetables, potatoes and fruit quickly and effectively with the MCR brushwasher. Also polisher

MCR roller dryer feltdryer

Fast and careful drying is needed after washing and cleaning fruit and vegetables. Dry effective and accurate with the roller dryers of MCR Machinery

Bin unloader with water buffer

The MCR Machinery bin unloader with water buffer is suitable for a variety of bin sizes.

MCR Stainless steel mobile container filler

This MCR Machinery stainless steel container filler gets the product out of a box or crate into a container without spillage. It can be transported with any truck


Optimization and maintenance

MCR Machinery is happy to help you with optimizing your vegetable processing line. With our knowledge and experience, we also give advice about vegetable and fruit washing, sorting and grading. See below a selection of our realized projects. And did you know that you can call us 24 hours a day, 6 days a week for maintenance to your machines or to remedy acute malfunctions? Feel free to contact us.

Spare parts and special equipment for fruit and vegetable processing