MCR vegetable cutting belt


Cutting vegetables. A labour-intensive job that usually has to be done under time pressure. And staff who want to do this time-consuming and boring work is becoming increasingly scarce. That can be done differently, and better, we thought at MCR. That is why we have developed the MCR cutting belt. This makes the even topping and cutting of carrots and other elongated vegetables a piece of cake. Also leeks, chicory, potatoes, parsnips, spring onions, courgettes and cucumbers are easily reduced in size and cut into equal portions. This way you can add value to your product and offer your customers a uniformly cut product. Ready to be further processed or prepared. Adjusting the topping and cutting length for the next order is easy with the MCR vegetable cutting belt.
Do you also want to save labor and cut vegetables efficiently?
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MCR vegetable cutting belt

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