Washing solution for sweet potatoes, fruit and vegetables


Deep cleaning of potatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables and fruit without any damage of the product.

This is possible with MCR Undine washing system. Shelf life is enhanced as well. Sweet potatoes (yams), fruit and vegetables are cleaned via a mixture of tiny water droplets.

Due to their velocity and small size the droplets are able to clean the smallest pores. Dirt, fungal spores and bacterians are almost completely rinsed away without any damage of the fruit skin or vegetable skin. Meanwhile water savings between 30% and 70% are possible. Vegetables and fruits like carrots, redbeet, parsnip, pumpkin, squash, melons, ginger, celeriac, cucumber, zucchini, courgette, strawberry, celery, spring onions, bell pepper, radish, turnips, parsley, leek, cassava , boniatos, batata, and sea weed can be cleaned effectively and gentle with the Undine washing systems. Contact us for more information.


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Washing solution for sweet potatoes, fruit and vegetables

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