MCR roller dryer feltdryer


MCR roller dryer


The roller dryer of MCR Machinery is the ideal machine for fast and thoroughly drying of your products. The drying rollers have an enormous absorption capacity and a long stand time, also with products with a rough skin. MCR Machinery can adjust additional heaterblocks to further increase the drying capacity. With this option labelling directly after cleaning is possible. Contact us for more information.


Efficient production

  • Modular construction: flexibly adaptable to your situation
  • Variable speed and capacity via frequency inverter


Specifications roller dryer

  • All stainless steel
  • Roller width 80, 100 or 120 cm
  • 16, 20 or 24 felt rollers per machine-part
  • Machine is modular built. Cleaning brushes and drying rollers can be mounted in the desired composition


Durability and ease of maintenance

  • Driving parts individually adjustable and removable
  • Driving belts instead of chains for enhanced durability and low-noise operation
  • Removable sidescreens for easy cleaning and maintenance


Roller dryer suitable for drying of:

potatoes, parsnip, parsley root, carrots, redbeet, celeriac and other root vegetables



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MCR roller dryer feltdryer

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