Pumpkin washing lines


Washing pumpkins down to the capillaries without any damage to the product. That was the starting point when developing MCR Machinery's stainless steel washing and drying line and we managed to achieve it thanks to the unique Undine washing technique.  This has resulted in a product-friendly machine, where the products float out of the bin towards the brush conveyor or washing belt. You can adjust the speed of both the infeed and the speeds of the washing belt and drying rollers independently. On the drying conveyor or air knife, the products are dried. MCR Machinery can equip the drying line with fans and heaters or air knives that dry the products even faster. Feel free to contact MCR Machinery to discuss your washing and drying line requirements.


USP's of MCR Machinery pumpkin washing and drying line:

  • Product-friendly
  • Virtually clean, not only visually but also bacteriologically
  • Fungal spores and residues on the vegetable or fruit skin are washed away
  • Longer shelf life after washing compared to any other washing system
  • A washing solution possible for every vegetable or fruit


Pumpkin washing lines

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