Pumpkin washer MCR Machinery


This pumpkin washer of MCR Machinery allows you to wash your harvest quick and easy. This stand-alone washer is very suitable for vulnerable species, like melons and apples as well.


The water reservoir is filled for 50% and must be manually filled with pumpkins. When the machine is turned on, the brushes of the pumpkin washer gently clean and polish the product. Meanwhile through the rotation the pumpkins are transported to the buffering part of the bassin. When the buffer is filled the cleaned pumpkins can be put out of the water. Please contact us for more information.


Specifications pumpkin washer of MCR Machinery:

  • Compact washer for vulnerable species (pumpkins, melons, apples)
  • Replaces washing by hand
  • Brushes brush and polish the pumpkins gently
  • Gentle cleaning by water reservoir and brushes
  • One person washes up to 300 pumpkins in 1 hour
  • Expandable with pre-soaking bassin / soaking bassin



Pumpkin washer MCR Machinery

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