MCR wet hopper


The pre-soak unit or wet hopper is suitable for floating and sinking products. 

The pre-soak unit is mainly used for delicate products such as sweet potatoes or for products that require a longer pre-soak time to removed dried soil from the product. 


The unit has been designed to process floating and sinking products. 

The speed of the outfeed belt is infinitely adjustable using a controller. This enables the outfeed capacity to be set. 

An auger chute is mounted underneath the unit to remove sinking particles of e.g. clay and sand. 


A pusher mounted at the rear of the pre-soak unit pushes floating products towards the outfeed belt so they are not left behind in the unit. 

As an option, the unit can be fitted with a discharge drum so the floating products can be removed regularly. The speed of this discharge drum can be adjusted to set the soaking time and outfeed capacity. 


A tipper or supply belt can be used to feed products into the unit. 



  • Version in stainless steel
  • Available in standard lengths of 7,8,10 and 12 metres
  • Outfeed belt 1000 mm wide
  • Discharge auger for sinking particles 
  • Can optionally be fitted with a discharge drum 
  • Adjustable speed of outfeed belt and discharge drum
  • With overflow
  • With water nozzles on outfeed belt



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MCR wet hopper

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