Bin unloader with water buffer


The MCR Machinery bin unloader with water buffer is suitable for a variety of bin sizes. The adjustable outfeed speed allows a controlled supply of the product. In combination with the washing and drying line, this system ensures gradual and gentle processing. The bin unloader can also be expanded by a water recycling unit, creating sustainable and efficient water management.

This system is also suitable for floating products. The optional automatic hopper means you do not need a separate dumping hopper on the forklift truck to lower a bin into the machine. So you save time and simplify the processing process. The bin unloader with water buffer from MCR Machinery creates smooth, optimised product handling.


Specifications Bin Unloader: 

  • Various bin sizes
  • Outfeed speed adjustable
  • Expandable with water recycling unit
  • Suitable for floating products


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Bin unloader with water buffer

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